Main Data

Hopper Capacity 2500 cu.m.
Length Overall 99.00 m
Dredging Depth 33 m

Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger

Designers: Seadrec Limited


RMC Group (now taken over by CEMEX UK Marine Ltd)


United Kingdom

Design of dredger for tender and the design and supply of loading towers, dredge pump, overside suction pipe, draghead and gear, hopper dump doors and hopper suction doors for a 2500 cu.m. trailing suction hopper dredger.


Sand and gravel trailing suction hopper dredger equipped for both dry discharge and wet discharge. Dry discharge by means of a bucket wheel unloader.

Dredge Pump: 850Nb Discharge Double Wall Type Centrifugal Pump

Bottom Dump doors provided, enabling vessel to operate at a reduced (dredging) freeboard.

Vessel built by IHC De Merwede, Netherlands.