Main Data

Length Overall 25.60 m
Breadth mid. 6.40 m
Depth Mid 3.50 m
Draft midships approx 2.50 m
Free Running Speed 11 knots
Bollard Pull 17.0 tonnes
Year of Construction 1983
1650 BHP Tugboat

1650 BHP Tugboat

Designers: Seadrec Limited


Operator: Obras Marítimas, Ministerio De La Construccion
Buyer: Empresa Cubana Importadora De Buques Mercantes


Havana, Cuba

The modern tugboat has been designed for use in severe tropical conditions primarily as a dredge tender. It can also be used for inland, harbour, coastal or open sea operations, for short and long distance towing.

The tug is designed for one man operation and is built under supervision to Lloyd’s Classification to achieve 100 A.1 LMC ‘COASTAL SERVICE’.

The all steel, all welded construction 25.60 metre tug is powered by 2 Mirrlees Blackstone 6 cylinder Diesel engines, turbo-charged and after-cooled, each developing 825 b.h.p. at 900 r.p.m. giving a free running speed of 11 knots. The hull is sub-divided by 3 watertight bulkheads into 4 compartments. The afterpeak compartment houses the hydraulic steering gear, the rope store and the fresh water tanks. Adjacent is the fully ventilated and equipped engine room. The crew accommodation compartment compromises one officers single-berth cabin, 3 double-berth crew cabins and toilet facilities with wash basin and shower. All are fully fitted and air-conditioned for tropical conditions. The forepeak compartment houses the chain locker.

An important feature of the tug is its unobstructed main deck – this provides an area for deck loads of up to 3.5 tonnes per square metre. The deckhouse contains the Captain’s cabin, messroom/galley and pantry. The two funnels are situated on either side of the deckhouse giving an unobstructed view aft.

Complete towing equipment is fitted comprising towing hook and a cross beam on the aft deck 6 bollards (2 on the fore deck, 2 on the main deck amidships and 2 aft) plus a Samson post fitted forward. The bollard pull is 17 tonnes.

Auxiliary equipment includes 2 Lister Marine Diesel auxiliary sets, full lifesaving equipment with an inflatable life raft and first aid equipment.

Navigation and Telecommunication needs are met by a Decca Super 101 radar set with 18 miles range, a Raytheon DE-726A echo sounder for depths up to 120 fathoms, a VHF radio telephone and an S.S.B. radio telephone. Complete onboard communication systems including walkie-talkie are provided.