Main Data

Length Overall 98 m
Draft 6.28 (International, Summer), 6.90 (Dredging)
Hopper Capacity 2300 cum.(original) 2700 cu.m. (New)

Arco Avon - Conversion To Dredging Loadline

Designers: Seadrec Limited


Hanson Aggregates Marine


United Kingdom

Modification of four (4) dredgers to enable a reduction from the International freeboard to UK dredging freeboard enabling an increase in hopper capacity from 2300 cu.m. to 2700 cu.m.


Changing dredging draft from 6.28m to 6.90m allowing an increase in hopper capacity from 2300 to 2700 m3 involving new steelwork, dump valves to enable reduction in freeboard, revised strength, hopper coaming changes to accommodate increase hopper capacity, inclining tests and stability booklets.

Seadrec provided the complete design of the dredger as well as incorporating Seadrec dredging equipment. Vessel built at Appledore Shipbuilders, UK and then transported by heavy lift ship to Cuba.