Sir Frederick Lobnitz (1863-1932), shipbuilder and government minister. Son of Henry Christian Lobnitz
Lobnitz Marine Holdings
Wm Simons & Co Ltd.
Lobnitz Building
Lobnitz Marine Holding's Headquarter in Paisley, Scotland

Welcome to Lobnitz Marine Holdings

Lobnitz Marine Holdings Limited is a privately owned and totally independent group of companies, based on the West Coast of Scotland, specialising in the design, manufacture and support of marine plant ranging from all types of ships, particularly dredgers, to pontoons, dock gates and floating docks.

Lobnitz is a name long associated with shipbuilding on the Clyde since Henry Lobnitz came from Denmark in the 1850s to work on the Clyde, developing an international reputation for the design and build of dredgers, rock cutting machinery and more general shipbuilding such as steamers. The big construction projects of the time, the Panama and Suez Canals, relied on the dredgers of Lobnitz and their neighbour, the other leading dredge builder, William Simons. Lobnitz eventually combined in the 1960s with William Simons to become the world leader in dredge design and build, Simons-Lobnitz. It was through Lobnitz that the Group’s dredge companies were formed: Alluvial Dredges from Lobnitz & Co and Seadrec from Simons-Lobnitz.

Group Philosophy

The Group’s objectives and criteria for success are simple and include technical excellence, commercial awareness, total flexibility and maximum service.

Combining the knowledge and experience of the core companies gives Lobnitz Marine a unique range of services to the marine industry, associated civil work interfaces and to engineering projects in general.

Recognising the importance of understanding the client’s requirements for their specific project, has led Lobnitz Marine to adopt a ‘listen and collate’ approach on receipt of an enquiry. This means assessing the information forwarded and entering into dialog with the potential client to determine if Lobnitz Marine can provide a comprehensive suitable service before entering into any formal agreement.

The Group companies provide, technical and commercial services to private clients, non-governmental organisations, government bodies and international organisations worldwide, in an expansive range of projects.

Norfolk Floating Dock 40,0000TLC
Clark & Standfield: Norfolk Floating Dock 40,0000TLC
Magadi Dredge, Africa
Alluvial Dredges: Magadi Dredge in Africa
Barge Conversion Hopper Dredger
Seadrec: Barge Conversion to Hopper Dredger