Main Data

Length Overall 91.25 m
Beam (mld) 37.00 m
Mean Depth (mld) 4.50 m
Dredging Depth (max) 45.00 m

Beenup Bucket Wheel Mining Dredge

Designers: Alluvial Dredges


BHP Titanium Minerals Pty Ltd


Construction: United Construction, Western Australia
Operation: Beenup, Western Australia

Design of the bucket wheel dredger ‘Delta 1’ for alluvial mining. At time of construction, was the largest bucket wheel dredger.


Designed as an alluvial mining dredge suitable for 24/7 dredging and operating at a dredging depth of 45m. Dredge design included arrangement, structure, dredging and manoeuvring system and outfit.

Designed for construction in blocks in suitable for transportation to Beenup for on-site assembly.

Designed for manoeuvring on spuds or wires only.