Main Data

Length overall 102.3 m
Length of Pontoon 99.00 m
Beam Overall 53.00 m
Width inside sidewalls 44.0 m
Clear width inside fenders 41.8 m
Depth of pontoon 5.5 m
Height of sidewalls above baseline 18.7 m
Freeboard 2.0 m
Max depth water above pontoon deck 11.2 m
Maximum draught 16.7 m
Maximum allowable vessel draught* 9.2 m
Maximum allowable loading 150 t/m
Lifting capacity 12,000 t
Pumping time to raise maximum load 2 hrs
Transfer capacity (MLW) 3500 t
Average transfer load distribution 56 t/m
Maximum distributed transfer load 69 t/m
*Based on 2m block/cradle height


Bureau Veritas 1 hull . Machinery


Power generation Main 1 x 2000kva Emergency 1 x 600 kva
Dewatering pumps 4 x 75 t/min
Fire pumps 2 x 100 t/hr
Manoeuvring 6 x 30 t winches
Control system automated dock evolution control system
Vessel haul in 4 x 20 t capstan 4 x berthing trolleys
Vehicle access ramps 2 off

AMC-CUF Floating Dock “Yagan”

Designers: Clark and Standfield


LandCorp (Agency of the Western Australian Government)
Liaising through the facility managers, AMC Management (WA) Pty


Construction: Vung Tau, Vietnam and Henderson, Western Australia
Operation: AMC-CUF, Henderson, Western Australia

Design of 12,000TLC Floating dock for operation at the Australian Marine Complex Common User Facility. Designed to provide conventional dockings and shore transfers.


Dock mooring winches designed to manoeuvre dock between layup berth, shore transfer berth, operating berth and deep sink berth.

Dock designed for future expansion to 28,000 TLC Panamax Size using a rocking joint to provide temporary connection to a future 16,000TLC Floating dock.

Dock uses a fully automated dock control system.

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