Pembroke Ferry Terminal

Designers: Clark and Standfield


Jacobs UK Limited working for Pembroke Ferry Terminal


Pembroke, UK

Design of additional deck to enable two tier loading of ferries using Pembroke Ferry Terminal.


Design of New Upper deck and RoRo ramp to be fitted to existing concrete pontoon at Pembroke Ferry Terminal to enable two tier loading/unloading of RoRo Ferries operated by Irish Ferries.

Steel deck was designed to BS5400 and comprised stiffened steel deck supported by columns from the pontoon deck. The deck provided support to the new linkspan at the shore end and support for a hydraulically operated RoRo ramp at the other end.

To compensate for the increase weight of the deck, new 2nd linkspan and RoRo ramp, buoyancy tanks were designed for fitting to the pontoon to ensure the pontoon freeboard was maintained.

Calculations included stress analysis of steel deck, concrete pontoon, supports, buoyancy pontoons as well as wave bending moments on the whole structure.