Grand Bahama Floating Dock 80,000 TLC

Category: Ship Design

Survey and detailed strength check for docking new generation cruise vessels, followed by design of tow arrangements for transfer from Portland, Oregon to Freeport, Grand Bahama.


Survey of dock Condition Design of tow arrangements complete with strength and stability calculations and sea fastening arrangements for dock equipment, e.g. cranes etc.

Design of mooring arrangements and crane rails for new cranes.

Preparation of docking plans for various cruise vessels and the docking arrangements for the first docking of the 59,000t displacement Voyager of the Seas class. Includes ballast plans, stability and transverse and longitudinal bending.

Lightship Measurement and Preparation of New Trim and Stability Booklet. Provided Stability Software Programme for docking of ships.

Main Dimensions

Length Over pontoon = 274.93m
Clear Width of Entrance = 56.39m
Depth over pontoon = 12.50m


Grand Bahama Shipyard


Survey: Portland, Oregon, USA
Final Operation: Freeport, Grand Bahama

Grand Bahama Floating Dock 80000 TLC