8000 TLC Floating Dock Moorings

Category: Floating Docks

Design of chain moorings for a Clark & Standfield designed 8,000 TLC Floating Dock (Ex Admiralty Floating Dock 58) for mooring at Lerwick, Shetland.


Design of moorings to enable the dock to be moored in the Bressay Sound on the opposite side to the North Harbour, Lerwick.

Moorings arranged to allow dock to be submerged and raised and not interfere with docking operations.

Main Dimensions

Floating Dock Length Overall = 137m Floating Dock Width = 17.22m
Depth Overall = 13.11m


Malakoff & Wm Moore, Lerwick, Scotland, UK


Lerwick, Shetland Isles, Scotland UK

8000 TLC Floating Dock Moorings